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Pecker Nectar Triple Pack

Pecker Nectar Triple Pack

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Nothing ruins an intimate encounter like a sour finale. No one like a sour treat, so why not turn it into something sweet. We made Pecker Nectar™ – the first and only authentic male taste enhancement supplement designed to with your endgame in mind. We hope you’ll experience the difference Pecker Nectar™ can make in just a short time. Did you know certain foods and alcohol can give you a bitter and sour flavor? Yes, we’re talking about that. We think we can help. Our all-natural male taste enhancement supplement helps offset the effects of your other appetites. So you know, when you buy two bottles, you automatically SAVE 10% as our treat to you. Buy three and SAVE 15%.

  • Suggested Use

    Take 1 or 2 capsules daily with water. We believe you can potentially speed the effects by increasing your intake, but like with anything you consume, if you consume too much, your stomach can tell you to slow down or stop. And pro tip: you should be drinking water everyday. It helps flush out the damage done by your culinary interests. And as long as we're throwing shade – for those who've told us Pecker Nectar™ are large, we say, they’re not as large as testicles.